Monero with Logo Stickers

Monero with Logo Stickers


Monero stickers made from high quality vinyl. These Monero stickers come as a pack of three on a single sheet and the text is separate from the logo so you can arrange it how you want. Stick them on pretty much any clean and smooth surface in or outdoors.


Our Monero stickers are made from high quality vinyl that can be used in or outdoors. You can stick these Monero stickers pretty much any flat and smooth surface, just make sure the surface you want to stick them on is clean.

These come as three stickers on one sheet. The sheet measures about 5-1/2 inches x 5-1/2 inches (14cm x 14cm).

  • High quality vinyl
  • 95ยต density
  • Easy, bubble-free application

Use these stickers on your laptop, computer, notebook, tablet, office furniture, car window, bumper, computer monitor, fridge or on anything you feel that needs some Monero swag.


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